Friday, May 12, 2017

Iwo Jima Memorial Prayer. Patrcik E. Sean H. Nico C.

Dear God,
We are standing here right in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial. We are here standing in front of the

millions of soldiers who have fought for our country, and defended us in Battle during World War II.

They were the ones that helped the United States defeat the Japanese and protect us from them. They

took everything they ever had and sacrificed it to defend our country, and that is why they are putting

the United States Flag into the ground at Mount Suribachi. These courageous men were leaders, and

they were fighters, and they were role models to everyone around them. They were like a second God

to the United States, and without them who knows what could've happened to our country. Many of

them died for our country, just like Jesus died for us, and we pray for them because of their service,

whether they are dead or alive. These men will always be remembered for their service and God, we

pray for them for their courageous acts and everything they have done for our country. They make

our country the way it is today, freedom and liberty and independence. God, make sure these

courageous and brave men get the best for themselves, Amen.